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Founded in the Tucheng District of New Taipei City in 1998, the Company specializes in manufacturing suspension systems for car modification under strict production processed, developing and offering suspension systems for all kinds of vehicles to meet the needs of various car owners.

Product Advantages

In terms of technical resources, the Company cooperates with a Spanish technical team in regard to suspension modification and calibration for racing cars, for technical exchanges. In addition, the Company obtains technical support for German professional applied materials, as well as a strick production process and technical guidance related to Japanese car modification parts, and real vehicle testing on race tracks, A state-of-the-art damping test machine enables our products to receive a higher rating on the market.

Brand Origin

MITIN is a Spanish word, meaning "unity". The human-oriented logo symbolizes the Company's consumer-centered business philosophy. With three rotated "Vs" (derived from the Chinese character "人", which means "people") overlapping and encircling each other, the logo suggests the product image of shock absorbers. The black component represents "reasonable prices"; the yellow, "safety"; and the grey, "high quality". The "V" characters have their opening facing inward to represent mutual interaction , and symbolizing the cohesion and unity of MITIN Racing Suspension. The interlocking imagery also suggests the Company's future expectation of complementary relationships between the supply chain and service providers.

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Company Information

Number of employees: 8
Year Established: 1998
Production Mode: OEM Original Equipment, ODM design and processing
Total Annual Sales (USD): 749,340
Export Percentage: 60%
Export Market: Global
Brand: MITIN Racing Suspension
Capital (USD): 170,310
Type of company: Manufacturer, importer, design and development services, exporters, trading companies
Advantages: there own brand, but also OEM or custom, Taiwan rice Beijing has delivered to European and American countries, it is an existing vehicle models,
shock absorbers stock, ready to delivery.
Taiwan rice factory in Beijing, in addition to outside manufacturers, OEM or ODM OEM production.
With advanced testing machines, products through continuous testing, improvement, research and development, it is excellent quality compared to its brand
. Shock barrel of imported steel manufacturers, durable.

> Reasonable prices
> Safety
> High quality

Technology and R & D